lipsham & geib

Songwriting Simplified

Who We Are

Jonny Lipsham -  I'm a multi-instrumentalist jazz musician, vocalist, songwriter, producer/mix&mastering engineer and qualified music educator. I have almost 25 years of recording experience as both musician and engineer, and more than 35 years of playing experience. I been writing songs since I was a high school kid! But, as a college and university student, studying music performance, recording and songwriting, I recorded two EPs (1993, 1994). After a long recording break while I formed my band and freelanced as a professional musician, I revamped my home studio and cut two albums (2007, 2013). I have just recently released a new EP called Belonging To Tomorrow (2016). I have written and arranged songs for other artists over the years, gaining some FM airplay.

I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland UK, where I have my professional (home) studio, 
Jonny Lipsham Studiosand I live there with my wife and two kids. I am passionate about all things audio and specifically all things Studio One!

Johnny Geib - I have been a Singer\songwriter\producer\engineer for over 25 years now and have crossed over to teaching home recording and songwriting in just the last 4 years. Despite major changes in my voice due to health reasons, I have been able to continue writing and producing music for myself and for others.

My main site is and contains all the information anyone needs to build and use their own home recording studio. I specialize in Presonus gear and software but all tricks and techniques can be applied to any DAW and room configuration, which is also another skill I have picked up along the way. The placement of the speakers and sound reinforcement material is also key to tuning the room for the best mix possible.