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The New Power of the Home Recordist

Posted by [email protected] on October 29, 2015 at 3:40 AM

Recently, someone asked about what the user target was and where was Presonus actually marketing to. I decided to make my reply the focus of this blog entry and hope for some opinions.......


I personally think the whole "User Target" discussion is a bit silly. Anyone can use it, from any Professional to non-professional angle and you can produce just as good a sound and quality level as any Pro Tools system.


Any opinions or feelings after that are all ego and comfort zones (and the occasional Troll blathering)


It's all changing now. Major record labels are now feeling it. Loss of sales, Youtube artists, Independent Artists and so on. Many of the "Nay" Sayers on the Gearslutz boards are professionals feeling the pinch. Losing their client base and getting their asses kicked by some guy with a laptop and $100 pair of speakers. Much of the negativity comes from these folk.


In my opinion, the entire face of the music industry is changing. Now all those artists that record companies deliberately shelve, have an outlet. Weather it's Youtube or this Nimbit or Tunecore or whatever.....


Artists today have the tools like never before and I can tell you, from talking with those I know in the business, they are scared witless. Many "Managers" are being bypassed and some of these scared labels are now dealing directly with the Artists themselves. There's a whole group of people that's gonna be looking for work soon.


Either way it's all good for the artist. Yeah, some of the Gearslutz "Wanna-bees" are saying "This Nimbit just makes Studio one look cheaper than it already does" Well, that's because it puts more power in the hands of the artists and again, scares the crap out of those taking advantage of many Artists.


Here's what I hope for.


1. The complete and total dismantling of the Record Industry as it is today. (which is underway as we speak anyway in many areas)


2. Artists no longer sharing their rights to the music they create (unless they choose to)


3. Distributors, Promoters and Managers only getting paid according to how hard they actually work. How much they advertise and book shows and the 70\30 split with the artists, now goes with the 70% going to the Artist instead of the other way around, as it is in many cases today.


Now, do I have an idea on how I think the Record Industry should be rebuilt? Nope!!! But maybe a direct relationship between Artists, Recording Studios and distributors would be much more productive in getting "Actual Artists" out there for their music to be heard.


Right now, a Record Label can sign a band and shelve them if they feel the band is a threat to a current money maker. That is the biggest Shit-Practice right now the industry plays. I've seen it myself personally and it made me sick. That needs to made illegal.


So, in closing to this, Technology has made for a more-even playing field. Not every Artist is going to have the balls to take it to the next level. But those that do, should not feel less capable just because someone classifies their tools of choice to be "Non-Professional"

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Reply Chris Tal
12:57 AM on December 21, 2015 
Yes , I see it the same. In this digital World , where You can copy every Commercial CD , or you can get every Music you like from the Internet. I like to make my Music without pressure from a Company or a Costomer. So , i have to working in a Job and make my Music as a Hobby. For me , Music is a Kind of freedom. I love it so much ,,,Chris
Reply Bo
5:10 AM on December 14, 2015 
Interesting article Johnny, agree with much of what you said. One of the things slowing down this "renewal of the industry" is the fact that it's now very hard to make money from recordings. This is due to the low renumeration paid out by YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music: to survive/get paid as an artist you have to play live .